Raistlin Majere

Neutral-Evil Mage, arguably the most powerful mage who ever lived

  1. Players Name:
  2. Race: Human
  3. Class: Mage
  4. Alignment: Neutral/Evil

Raistlin was born to Gilon Majere and Rosamun Majere in the town of Solace in 326 AC, shortly after his twin brother Caramon Majere. The younger of the twins, Raistlin was a difficult birth and was born feet first, which almost caused the death of his mother. Raistlin was not given much chance to live by the midwife, but his older half-sister, Kitiara Uth Matar, took to him at once and nursed him to health. Kitiara named him after a hero in tales told to her by her father, Gregor Uth Matar, who described the imaginary Raistlin as not the bravest or strongest, but the most clever and strong-willed who used his wits to outsmart his opponents.

Unlike his healthy older twin, Raistlin was sickly and small by comparison, and was constantly harassed by the other children, though he was protected by his older brother. Since Rosamun was prone to lapse into a comatose state on a regular basis and Gilon was away cutting wood for long periods of time, the twins were raised for the most part by Kitiara. However, Raistlin related well to his mother as he grew older, since he saw some of his gift for magic in her periods where she entered her comatose state.

At the age of six, Raistlin was taken by his father to study magic under Master Theobald. There are conflicting stories about how Raistlin was admitted to the school; one suggests that he was admitted by being able to guess the name of the school, Poolbottom, while another indicates that he was interviewed by the archmage Antimodes, who also paid his tuition while he was at the school and whom he corresponded with for the duration of his time there. Regardless, Raistlin was unpopular with the other students of Theobald’s school, who had given him the nickname of ‘Sly One’ and would constantly pick on him.

Although some accounts differ, Kitiara left home around the same time as Raistlin joined Theobald’s mage academy. She would periodically return home with small gifts for Caramon, such as a wooden sword, and though she felt great affection for Raistlin as her “first battle,” she did not relate well to Raistlin’s intellectual pursuits.
By 342 AC, Raistlin had been promoted to a novitiate at Poolbottom, and was growing into a considerably skilled young mage. His father was injured during a logging accident, and whilst dying the widow Judith denounced Raistlin as an evil mage, and the family as lacking of faith, which caused the accident. Gilon died a short while later, and then Rosamun fell into a trance which she never came out of and died. Left without parents, Caramon ended up taking care of his brother, refusing to leave his twin and adventure with his half-sister Kitiara.

The twins became friends with a young lad from Solamnia called Sturm Brightblade. On one misadventure, Caramon managed to knock himself out, and Sturm and Raistlin teamed up to capture a gang of thieves that were operating in Solace, handing them over to the town sheriff. Within two short years, the twins had expanded their circle of friends, and went on a number of adventures with Sturm, Tanis Half-Elven, the kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot, and a dwarven metalsmith named Flint Fireforge, who they journeyed with on the road to protect him from bandits when he would travel to sell his wares. One trip involved a boating accident in Crystalmir Lake, in which poor Flint was dropped in the waters.

The following year in 345 AC, Raistlin and his companions rescued their friend Tas, when they discovered he was being held by the renegade mage Rieve. Raistlin transformed his companions into animals, and they overpowered the renegade and forced him to leave the area. A short time after, the Companions again went on an adventure that ultimately led them to Karthay to undermine the plot of the Nightmaster, the minotaur high priest of the Church of Sargonnas.

On returning to Solace, Raistlin created a medicine to help Flint, whose joints were now aching so badly, he was bordering on being paralysed. On being healed, Flint determined to travel and sell his wares in Haven, and the twins chose to go with him. In the city, Raistlin discovered the widow Judith and the cult of Belzor. The young mage exposed the false god to undermine the cult, and later found Judith’s body with Kit’s dagger left in it. The twins returned to Solace to find that a plague has struck the town, killing Sturm’s mother. Raistlin tended to the sick and dying, and afterwards was offered an invitation to take the Test of High Sorcery.

The Companions decided to split up in 346 AC, to find evidence of the true gods, and also to undertake their own personal quests. They agreed to meet again five years hence, at the Inn of the Last Home.

Raistlin Majere

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